Air Purifier with 6 filtration stages & double air filtration system for an ultimately clean and healthy atmosphere!

  • 6 air filtration stages & Ionizer for a healthy atmosphere and effective removal of dust, pollen and allergens
  • Double filtration system for efficient coverage of big rooms and speedy results
  • Air quality indicator for a direct and reliable diagnosis of the air quality in your place
  • 3 advanced sensors for a valid diagnosis and immediate adjustment to the needs of the place
  • Auto mode for impeccable conditions with the lowest noise level
  • QLT-550
  • Speeds 5
  • Reps per minute - / 635 / 761 / 945 / 1034 rpm
  • Power Consumption (per fan speed) 4.2 / 6.2 / 9.6 / 22.5 / 35.4 W
  • CADR 550 m³ / h
  • Noise Level (per fan speed) 26 / 31 / 38 / 49 / 54 db(A)
  • Airflow Volume (per fan speed) 108 / 176 / 268 / 433 / 525 m³ / h
  • Air Filtration Capacity H13 - 99,97%
  • Room Coverage up to 85
  • Filtration Stages 6 + Ionizer
  • Sensors (PM2.5/VOC/Light) YES
  • Net Weight 10.6 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 310x310x680 mm
  • Casters YES
  • Timer YES (12/24/48/72h)

Fast and reliable diagnosis of the filters’ status is now possible thank to the relevant indications on the panel of the unit allowing you to keep the filters clean and ensure the protection and efficient operation of the unit in the long run.

The magnifying glass in the side of the unit allows you to check the condition of the filters in no time! That way, you can take care of the appliance and ensure total, long-term effectiveness of the unit.

You can enjoy a healthy atmosphere in conditions of absolute silence, especially during nighttime or at moments when low noise level is required, without the smallest disturbance.

Ensure ideal conditions in your place with the lowest noise level. Choosing the Sleep Mode at times when absolute silence is required, you can enjoy a clean and noise-free environment.

Activating the lock function, the children are not able to operate the appliance or change any of its functions, when not supervised.

Choose one of the five available fan speeds and create the ideal conditions of a perfectly clean atmosphere in correlation with the needs of your place.

The incorporated casters of the air purifier allow an easy and fast placement anywhere you choose in order to achieve targeted and much more effective results in air purification and obtaining an ultimately healthy atmosphere.

Media Library - Quality 550

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